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If This Then That

Most things in our world now are weaved together through online inter-connection, now there is a tool empowering you to design how the world around you goes.  If This Then That (IFTTT), a service that lets you connect two different applications together based on specific parameters, which you define.

Design changes behavior, and people’s relationships to the world and to each other.” — Linden Tibbets, founder of IFTTT

In a world that is quickly becoming overrun with individual apps focused on specific actions, Tibbets wanted to create a tool that would “cut horizontally” through those applications, ultimately giving them all more functionality and making them easier to use. Mashable talked about How IFTTT is Changing the Way We Do Things on the Web with some examples of how it can be utilized. We thought the tool might be used to gamify learning processes too! It could be another tool for educators to design authentic or personalized learning experience.

IFTTT lets you create connections between different apps and services through what it calls “recipes.” To create a recipe all you have to do is tell IFTTT what the “This” and the “That” in your equation are.

“We enable really simple connections between two things,” says Tibbets.

The service integrates with a number of different applications, such as FacebookInstagram,EvernoteEtsy and Craigslist, and offers a sizable amount of integration options for each to get you going.


With more and more applications emerging everyday, now you even have a tool to program how they work together. The company continues to grow, and plans to expand the service in new ways. What will you want to do with it?


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