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What’s Your Dream Classroom?

What’s your dream classroom? Enter Susan Fisher’s course site, what welcomes you is the epic music and visuals. The not too distant future is in your hands! Cool!

During the Global Education Conference, Susan Fisher, Talented and Gifted Department Coordinator, Ridgeview I.B. Charter School, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta Georgia shared with us how she uses game-based learning to encourage global awarenessin her students in a session titled ‘Dream Classroom Model Encourages Student Role as Global Citizens’. This is the session description:

Susan Fisher, at Ridgeview IB Charter School, has created a perfect flipped, inspired, gamified, differentiated and project based classroom. The flexibility of the Inspired Classroom, in conjunction with the Flipped model has allowed her to move away from the traditional linear, sequential, and lecture-based teacher model. With the availability of information and resources on the internet, the teacher no longer has to be the one-stop shop for information and learning. In a true flipped and Inspired Classroom, the teacher fills the role of the facilitator that sets up a series of activities that lead the students as they learn on their own. This year that flexibility has enabled her students to participate in the Urgent Evoke Game created by Jane McGonigal and the World Bank Institute to help students learn about their role as global citizens and future problem solvers. She has incorporated her own game site for the kids, Collabornation, around the games central themes; food security, energy, water security, disaster relief, poverty, pandemic, education, global conflict and human rights which align perfectly with her 7th grade world geography curriculum.

game-based learning

The recording of the session can be found here.

Susan has more option to offer for her students in her gamified classrooms, Choose Your Own Adventure Quest has quests assigned different point values and categorized by not only the rigor each task entails but also, by the particular learning style it favors. There is a built in rubric and reflection piece as well.

So you like to create your own gamified courses? Susan even has Educator Gamification Quest for you! According to her own introduction:

This gamification quest is a product of a Professional Development session I co-presented with a wonderful colleague to all of the Talented and Gifted teachers in our school district. The session was on flipping and gamifying the classroom and this quest is designed for teachers and administrators to learn about gamification by experiencing it first hand. The quest begins by introducing the concepts of gamification. Then, the quest models these concepts by offering examples of gamified lessons created by other educators. The quest ends in a collaboration hub where educators work together to create their own gamified lessons.

game-based learning

Susan Fisher’s Scoop.It E-Portfolio, and her Twitter account is : @fishersu .


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