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History and Technology – A Perfect Pair

Leveraging technologies to teach, learn, and interpret history is becoming inevitable, it empowers us to think and collaborate in different ways. These are a few examples.

Master’s Program in History Pilots Mobile Learning

Boise State’s master of applied historical research program is the first at the university to fully implement mobile learning across the curriculum. The master of applied historical research is one of two master’s degrees offered by the Department of History and is for students who want to work as public historians in libraries or museums, or otherwise do historical interpretation for the public.

It is an ideal pilot program for mobile learning, said program co-coordinator Leslie Madsen-Brooks. Jobs in the field are increasingly digital and graduates might be expected to manage historical databases, organize and create websites that contain historical information, collaborate on creating mobile applications or serve as consultants with a game company, for example, on historical details.


“The larger field in which we operate is called digital humanities and it’s a hot field right now,” Madsen-Brooks said. “There is funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to help determine how best to organize big sets of historical data in ways that both historians and the public find useful. Our graduates need digital fluency and the goal of the program is to help them become comfortable speaking tech and give them skills that will make them highly employable.”

Sharing DocsTeach Activities with Students (digital activity tools for educators)

Use DocsTeach activities for classroom demonstration, as full-class activities, as small-group activities, or as individual in-class or homework assignments. Manage activities in your account. Share both activities you find and those you create with your students on DocsTeach.

If you find an activity you want to share with your students or have created and published your own, simply provide your students with the unique web address for that individual activity. Students can complete the activity and email the results if desired.

You can also keep track of activities you create and your favorite activities in your account. Star activities that you like and want to share with your students, then find them in your account. If you have adapted an activity or created and published your own, find it immediately in your account and ready to share. If you’d like for your students to see or complete a series of activities, create a classroom within your account and share the unique web address for that classroom with students. Even create and name multiple classrooms to share different activities with different classes.

DOCSTEACH activities tools

With flexible DocsTeach tools, you can create activities that vary according to their placement on Bloom’s Taxonomy — from Remembering and Understandingthrough Evaluating and Creating. Triangles graphically indicate correlation with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (Anderson and Krathwohl, 2001), adapted from Bloom’s Taxonomy (Bloom et al., 1956).

Not Another History Teacher – History and Technology : A Perfect Pair

Melissa Seideman currently teaches 11th grade U.S. History, 12th grade Government/Economics, and AP Government and Politics in Cold Spring, NY. Her goal is to help her students fall in love with history and technology the way she has.  She believes that technology reaches students in a way that other mediums can not.  It ignites a fire, a desire to learn, and gives them the ability to express themselves in meaningful ways. Her blog is a professional outlet to share ideas and reflect on her teaching practice.

Check out her long list of ideas to engage students with technologies : Mobile Devices in Classrooms. Great reference!

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