Connecting dots for digital learning and teaching


by Tancrid Muller, Fiction Engine

Ask any person if they enjoyed studying and learning when they were in school, and most would answer “no way!” This is to be expected.  As kids we had only a pencil and paper with which to get the mounds of information into our under-stimulated minds.

But lately, there have been so many great programs/games released, aimed at enhancing the learning experience and preventing spontaneous napping during study time. Questionaut is one of them.

Questionaut is a point-and-click game with a focus on making learning fun. It has a funky, quirky art style as well as soothing background music and a few entertaining little characters to keep the player’s mind active. These elements ensure that the player is never bored and encourages them want to continue solving puzzles and answering questions all day long.

game based learning

You solve puzzles in order to earn the right to answer the groups of questions on each level.  This keeps the pace of the game up, and boredom levels down. There are eight different levels in Questionaut, each one with an aesthetic that fits with the questions covered in that level. If you find yourself on a level filled with animals and plants, expect a few biology questions.

game based learning

Each correct answer gains you “air” to get your Questionaut’s hot air balloon filled up, and every wrong answer takes some air away. So you need to correctly answer four or five questions in a row to move on to the next level. For each question you’re given three potential answers to choose from. If you get the answer right, you are congratulated and reminded why that particular answer is correct. And, if you are incorrect the game tells you why that answer is wrong, then shows you how the right answer is found. The questions covered are taken from various subjects including maths, science, literature, biology, and chemistry.

game based learning

Questionaut is a perfect example of how technology can be used to help kids with their learning.  It challenges them, guides them, and makes the learning lighthearted and fun.

Questionaut was developed by “Amanita Design” and is free to play here.


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