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6 Sites to Find The Right Games for Your Lessons

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To look for appropriate and quality learning games that embody the learning objectives could be very time consuming. If a game is only “chocolate covered broccoli”, it simply isn’t fun to play. Today’s students have a sophisticated understanding of what makes a good game and will not easily tolerate poor design. But as an educator, he/she needs to make sure a game is aligned to education standards and goals.

There are several curations selected and organized by educators, they can help teachers and parents save time when seeking for good learning games. This post is mainly focused on K-12 segment.

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Game-Based Learning Database of Resources

View or add to this community’s collectively-built educational games database from game-based learning edWeb. There are more than 100 games categorized by ages, purposes and sources, other details are given in the table.

Games in Education

This wiki is a fantastic resource collection put together by Adrian Camm. It is an attempt to create a comprehensive resource about gaming that we can all learn from. Besides games for Math, Science,  literacy, you can find COTS, MMORPG, virtual worlds, alternate reality, board games, game creation tools that can be used in education.


learning gamesThis is a free online platform for K-12 students, teachers, and parents (3 kinds of accounts), developed by the national nonprofit organization, CFY. CFY selects effective digital learning activities available on the web and making them easily accessible and usable in one trusted place. A free account grants access to a world of smart and engaging resources, include  1,000+ thoroughly vetted academic games, interactive simulations, and videos tagged by subject, grade, and Common Core Standards. Other features are badges and playpoints to reward student usage, playlist to sequence activities and individualize learning, lesson plans to incorporate activities into instruction.

Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games

This website is the result of a collaborative group project created for EPS 415: Technology and Educational Reform taught by Professor Nicholas C. Burbules at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, during Summer 2011. These games, the majority of which are free, can be used as supplemental resources for teachers.  A brief description and link is provided for each game. Games are sorted by topic (Arts and Musics, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and by grade level under topic (elementary, middle, high school).

For more information about further research supporting educational gaming, please be sure to visit the section entitled ‘Why Games?’ The resources in that section represent the many resources available online that provide information and answer questions to help teachers who are considering using  games for student learning.

Game Classroom

The educators behind this site have searched the web for educational games for kids, and then developed skill pages that pair these games with relevant worksheets, learning tips and homework help. Collaboration from educators ensure that all of the educational resources are age-appropriate, relevant and compliant with academic standards. There is a library of lesson plans, homework help and problem sets as an additional resource for students, teachers and parents.


Curriki is a well-known open educational resource for K-12. There are links to all kinds of resources. By searching “Game” you can get a long list of games with the education purpose for every game. You can narrow down the search range by specifying more details.

Also, there are free educational games listed in our educational resources by subjects : MathematicsLanguage ArtsScienceSocial studiesArts and Music. The infographic below is from Online Colleges, it’s another expressive way to relate games with learning subjects.

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Video Games and Education
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