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CK-12 Is Unlocking Cheaper, Better Learning

CK-12 is a leader of open educational resource(OER) provider for k-12 education. Beginning this month, CK-12 foundation launched the new, multi-modality platform, available for the majority of the expanding STEM concepts. Now CK-12 will surprise you with the quality, flexibility and depth that the open educational resources can offer.

Some of the features of Multi-Modality Concepts:

1. Flashcards from StudyBlue
2. Study Guides – Teacher and Student Contributed
3. Videos and Multimedia
4. Critical Thinking – Questions submitted from Students
5. Exercises – Test your Knowledge of the Concept and get instant feedback

Whether students learn best by reading, watching a lecture, or playing around with interactive models, there is something right for learners of different styles. You also can share and rate the contents easier than ever.

open educational resources

CK-12 acquired Braingenie

CK-12 BraingenieTo build deep mastery and help users sharpen problem-solving skills, CK-12 provides concept-based learning in multiple-modalities and the quizzes, practice sets and other content from Braingenie have been fully integrated into CK-12’s content.

NOVA partnership

NOVA revolves around a simple premise: the world of science is exciting! This award-winning, PBS program (produced by WGBH Boston) has partnered with CK-12, aligning selected video content with the concepts in CK-12. Here is an example from the Concept “Fish” – this NOVA video helps in overcoming misconceptions about sharks.

NASA: Special Recognition with CK-12

Continuing the groundbreaking partnership with NASA, 30 contributors and developers of the FlexBook (Flexbook 2.0 is a platform providing high-quality, standards-aligned, and customizable educational resources) entitled “Modeling and Simulation for High School Teachers: Principles, Problems, and Lesson Plans,” were honored for their efforts at a ceremony that took place on August 10th at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. To view the award-winning FlexBook, click here.

More resources from CK-12 include studyHELP – a new Facebook Peer-to-Peer Application, FlexMath – a student-centered approach to Algebra proficiency, and “I Need A Pencil” – a free online SAT preparation resource with practice questions and an adaptive SAT score predictor.

To know more about the facilitator behind this great resource, read this interview: Q&A: CK-12 Says OER & Tech Can Unlock Cheaper, Better Learning. Neeru Khosla, the Co-founder and Chair of CK-12 said:

This is the fundamental belief we started CK-12 with – offer many different ways to access and learn material. How can we provide these things to the students? Paper and pen only provide certain media support – technology advances have made it possible for us to create interactive materials and provide multi-modality to students in ways that many technology leaders have envisioned. Students can now learn at their own pace. The only thing that holds us back is providing technology to every student – there’s currently a large cost. This will change.

Historically, education has been the last sector to embrace technology.  We are not leveraging technological advances that are improving our physical world. Technology allows us the ability to have all kinds of things “a button away.” Push a button and you can get different versions, push it again and get different media in one platform, a third time to get to your peers or teachers for help. Why wouldn’t we want to make students’ learning more efficient? Students can use technology to access information instead of going to the library, and thus use that added time to enrich their minds.

Another important aspect of using technology in the classroom is that it bridges the needs of the students and the role of the teacher. Technology allows for us to focus on what is learned, rather than on what is taught.The ability to get information anytime, anywhere takes away unnecessary and extreme dependence on the teacher. Learning becomes the learner’s journey!

We’ve mentioned CK-12 many times in old posts, it’s constantly pushing the boundary of OER to make a real difference for every learner. Remember to check it out!


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