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What Do Students Think about Video Games?

There seem to be a lot of adults speaking on behalf of what students would benefit from, but has anyone asked whether students would like to see video games in the classroom?  While I would have been excited about the possibility to mix school with video games when I was young, I am not sure everyone would have been intrigued by the idea.

This is the question raised by Aaron Lynch, and he found a research report to share with readers in this post : Classroom Games.

One of the most enlightening portions of this user research was the analysis of gender differences in video game use and perceptions in the classroom. Both boys and girls play games, but the amount, type, and device used is very different.  More than 80% of boys played games moderately or frequently, while only slightly more than 40% of girls played games moderately or frequently.  The other big difference was that girls play games mainly on computers, websites and mobile devices, while boys played games on computers and consoles….

game-based learning

The blog : The Win Condition is a game design blog co-developed by Jordan Barber and Aaron Lynch.  They aim to produce quality content that analyzes how games are designed, developed, tested from start to finish. While there are plenty of video game and board game review websites trying to interject their voice in gaming journalism, they take an academic lens to discuss broader perspectives in gaming.

Our kids may play more video games than previous generations, the reality is that students are still very diverse in their preference for video game.  A large portion of students don’t play games at all so if video games were to be introduced into schools, it would require everyone to be able to use and understand them as learning tools.Visit the blog to read the full article.


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