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How to Be a Leader in MOOC Space?

Hans de Zwart (bio), Senior Innovation Adviser for Global HR Technologies at Shell, put together some resources about MOOCs. Well worth a look.

Curtis Bonk led a session about MOOCs at Learning 2012. His slides are available at TrainingShare, Curtis’ presentation consisted of four parts. (Curtis has created a set of Creative Commons licensed videos about how to teach online.)

Part I. Past Year Recap of MOOC and MOOC Leadership

MOOCs are very much in the news nowadays. For example the conversation with Bill Gates or the Holy Apostles. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a nice timeline and even Newt Gingrich has one. The MOOC that probably got the most attention was Stanford’s class on Artificial Intelligence. Something that I hadn’t heard of before earlier this week is the Floating University.

Daphne Koller’s TED talk was probably the thing about MOOCs that got the most play:

You should read this article if you are interested to teach online or even be a leader in the MOOC space, the other parts cover MOOC Instructor Guidelines, Type of MOOCs, Business models.

MOOCs, Motivation, and the Mass Movement toward Open Education


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