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Play Frankenstein in iPad App and More from SpongeLab

iPad learning game - build a bodyHalloween is coming, ready to get spooked by this free iOS and web App! ? The free game Build-a-Body for iPad has been updated to include all human systems! Play Dr. Frankenstein by using touch controls to drag ‘n drop organs into an empty body. Choose organs from the organ tray, drag and drop them in their correct position within the body to build each system. Complete all systems and then assemble them into a complete body. The faster you build, the better the score!

Or, you can have a  laboratory walk through which situates science learners inside of a detailed and immersive scientific environment. In this tour, you’ll see all the laboratory equipment used in most modern biological and biochemical labs, as well as some of their historical counterparts. Sit back and enjoy the ride through this virtual work space!

The creator behind these free learning resources is SpongeLab, it’s providing a platform technology that not only manages content but lets users search, find, organize, annotate, deploy and follow-up on the use of that content. The platform is free to use,  HTML5 compliant, and open to all content developers. There are hundreds of educational science games and media including the complete Build-a-Body series.

Recently, Dr. Jeremy Friedberg from SpongeLab gave a talk about their platform technology on K12 Online ConferenceWhat can platform technology do for eLearning? Platforms are what multimedia creators use to distribute their content to a user-base. In a learning context, platforms are also used to track and analyse the behaviour of users, in order to understand precisely how content is being consumed. In this talk, Dr. Jeremy Friedberg discusses the concept of an online learning platform – a system that goes beyond eLearning and helps to stitch together the multiple, and often fragmented, parts of the teaching process. Following discussion of how platform technology fits into the classroom of the future, a tour of offers an example of an online teaching platform built for personalized education.

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Aiming to personalize learning, SpongeLab is working toward leveraging the full potential of game-based learning and gamification to revamp science education because a game is a powerful data collection tool. The approach is research-based. Connecting the research, education, content development, educational product, and general science communities, it’s really quite a great vision there.


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