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Teacher Tips and Tricks for Learning English Efficiently

To learn a language efficiently you can apply various methods. You can learn and develop language skills in a way that is most suitable for you. The following article will provide you with a list to keep in mind when learning English through learner autonomy.

  1. Learn how to use a dictionary: apart from using a dictionary to check spelling and meaning, we also use a dictionary as a resource for words, jargon, vocabulary and pronunciation. At Maltalingua we provide English to English dictionaries for students to use during the lessons so students see words in various contexts and help them widen their vocabulary.
  2. Keep a vocabulary diary and collect phrases: when coming across a new word, a good idea one can adopt is to keep a Vocabulary Diary. We always suggest our students to write down the new word together with the phrase it is in. Collecting phrases will help you remember. However, looking up every new word can be daunting therefore, sometimes, it is important for students to derive meaning from context, whether they are reading, watching TV or listening to music.
  3. Take up a new hobby: practicing a new sport, learning a new instrument or simply playing word games is an excellent way of communicating in English, while you are having fun. This will make you more fluent and will enhance your English vocabulary.
  4. Read: At Maltalingua we have a lending library with graded readers. These are simplified books which are graded by the language level. It is important to include reading when learning a language, as it can help you become more proficient in ordinary English. When reading a text or book, you are presented with a wide range of linguistic aspects for instance linking words, synonyms and new vocabulary.
  5. Write: students can keep a daily diary, in which they write thoughts and daily activities. Otherwise, students can also join a blog or social network where they can meet new people, exchange ideas and communicate in English. Maltalingua‘s blog provides a feed that strengthens your English knowledge constantly with small learning units and quizzes. You can follow it to accumulate English capability without pressure.

And, don’t forget there are abundant resources online. If you like to explore more online free resources for learning English, you might check out this curation of free resources for teaching and learning English.

If you want to learn English effectively, one of the most important tips is to practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. Practicing can be done through reading, writing emails, listening to music and television, or just by speaking to native speakers.



This text has been written by a teacher of the English language school Maltalingua.

Maltalingua is set in a recently renovated building in St. Julians which is a lively and welcoming destination for foreign students of all ages who wish to learn English in Malta. Apart from spacious classrooms the school is also equipped with a free internet room and a library.

All the staff at Maltalingua are professional and will provide you a unique learning experience. The atmosphere in our school is warm and friendly. Maltalingua offers a wide range of English courses to suit students’ needs.  Our teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals whether you want to improve English for work, for an English examination, for travel or just for pleasure.

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