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Success Stories of Game-Based Learning Initiatives in Adults Education

P4I – Play for Interculturality is a Grundtvig Multilateral project, funded by the European Commission. The project has been approved in 2011 and will be implemented within the 2 years. P4I – Play for Interculturality seeks to take step forward and create an innovative social game that promotes apprenticeship of intercultural competences of European adults, motivating them to take an active role and interact with other users, boosting digital socialization and media literacy in parallel.

P4I just presented a report: “Analysis on the use of game-based learning initiatives” aiming at analysing the pedagogical potential of games (with a special focus on social games) applied to competences development, identifying those variables that influence the successful implementation of game-based learning initiatives, as well as gathering success examples and good practices on EU and international levels that could be used as inspirational experiences for adults training practitioners.

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The report introduces different national realities concerning the game based learning initiatives: Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, UK, and US national reports will be presented respectfully. The last section of the report presents a collection of 28 good practices – success stories that were extracted from the national reports. In each of the countries studied, the use of game-based learning is a rapidly growing trend that is pervading different areas of knowledge. A wide range of success examples surfaced in the search and conversations. Each of the national reports lists a select few that should be played for inspiration. From wildly popular commercial games such as The Sims and Farmville, to effective transformational games such as Darfur is Dying, Peacemaker, Global Conflicts – Palestine, and PING (Poverty is Not a Game), all share designs that bring players back, encourage them to involve others, and promote envisioning the real world in a different way.

Taken together, the national reports are a rich collection of experience and intelligence that should be re-visited regularly in any design, development, and deployment process involving games to promote adult competences.

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