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Play and Learn Weekly – Oct.6th, 2012

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn? Top news and articles about game-based learning for this week:


YoYo Games Partners with Valve to Launch GameMaker: Studio on new Steam Software Store

Cross-Platform Games Development Environment Now Easily Accessible to 45 Million Steam Users : GameMaker: Studio is YoYo Games’ fast and easy to use cross-platform games development environment that allows users to create games in a single code base and then export with a single button click and run them natively on multiple formats including Steam, HTML5, Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. With today’s Steam Software Store launch, users will be able to download GameMaker: Studio, immediately begin creating games with a free version and purchase packages that unlock features, functionality and additional export options.

U.N. channels tech startup know-how with launch of its first educational game

Bay Area tech founders and venture capitalists gathered today to hear a presentation from the United Nations Foundation about its plans to make its charitable work more relevant to young people. The nonprofit organization launched the Global Good Challenge this fall to encourage people to take action on the world’s most pressing problems and engage via their social networks.

It’s not a fundraising effort. The Global Good Challenge is an educational game that is already spreading on Twitter and Facebook.

Students explore virtual reality in HIVE (Huge Immersive Virtual Environment in Miami University)

Huge Immersive Virtual Environment“[The HIVE gives] the ability to explore large virtual worlds that are inside a computer, but we make it sound, feel and look like you in the place that is in the computer,” Bachmann said.

Participants, usually psychology students, wear a mounted head display covering their eyes, displaying the virtual world. An infrared light is attached to the helmet, and cameras line the walls of the gym, picking up the infrared signal. A backpack sends location signals back to the main computer, according to Tyler Thrash, a fifth year graduate student at Miami.

“It’s like a video game, but you wear the screen on your head, and you can explore the inside the game,” Thrash said.

Big Ideas Fest 2012: December 2-5

Big Ideas Fest convenes all education stakeholders in redesigning the future of education. ISKME’s annual event brings together teachers, policy makers, researchers, edupreneurs, students, and funders who are championing the transformation of K-20 education.

Working across traditional silos in education, Big Ideas Fest engages participants from the ballroom stage to outdoor fire pits, from the hallways to the parking lot roof, and from face-to-face networking to inspiring rapid fire speakers, all infused with activities that inspire and activate new ideas.

GBL Presented at Learning 2.012 @ Beijing

Learning 2.012 is a conference that will be held at Western Academy of Beijing, October 11-13, 2012. There are a wide range of innovative topics covered: flipping your classroom, digital storytelling, teaching with film, iPads for learning, becoming a networked educators, digital citizenship, and … you bet .. “Game Based Learning”…


What in the World Happened to Carmen Sandiego? 

The mission of the Cooney Center is to advance children’s learning through digital media. Today it released a study report on the edutainment industry history and lessons learned.

What in the World Happened to Carmen Sandiego? The Edutainment Era: Debunking Myths and Sharing Lessons Learned

Using Serious Games and Simulations: A Quick and Dirty Guide (by Clark Andrich)

In This Post:

  • Learn what simulations are and aren’t.
  • Understanding where they fit in an organizations’ flow of skills.
  • Learn best practices in designing and creating sims.

How Game-Based Learning Helps Common Core

Game-based learning is one way to change the educational paradigm. A game is inherently about challenge (think Angry Birds), and a game can engage children in persistently trying to overcome challenges (think Guitar Hero), and games often require the use of strategic thinking for success (think Chess or even Monopoly). For the first time, technology is being used to create a new type of learning experience, arming students with the thinking skills they need for success with the Common Core and the 21st century skills they will need for success later in life.

Use of modern games in education (by Chris Walden)

When today’s youth is frequently dubbed the ‘video game generation’ due to how widespread gaming has become, why have they yet to have been included in the teaching curriculum? There are many obstacles to overcome, but there is a great amount of potential in harnessing video games to aid teaching in the classroom. This is a review on all researches in this field.

Eye tracking in game based learning research

The challenge of educational game design is to develop solutions that please as many players as possible, but are still educationally effective. In general, research on game based learning can address three kinds of questions: what works, when it works and how it works. How learning happens is methodologically very challenging to point out and thus it is usually avoided. We have tried to tackle this challenge by adding eye tracking method into our research toolbox.

Terry: Video Games Could Actually Motivate Students (from CNBC)

The gaming skill set so keenly honed in your basement is increasingly being used in both the classroom and the workplace to teach everything from mathematics to customer relations practices to active collaboration skills.

Helpful links for badge creation

A thorough list of badge creation and discussion by .

How Gamification Can Revitalize Education 

Speaking at TEDxBerlin 2012Gabe Zichermann delivered an impassioned call to remake education through gamification:  ”Changing the Game in Education”, at TEDxBerlin 2012 “Future 3.0″.

BrainPOP’s Election Spotlight and Upcoming Events

This month BrainPOP’s spotlight is “Elections”, we have a wide variety of scheduled events and features lined up, from a webinar with GameUp partner iCivics to a  new discussion group for Featured Movies and lesson ideas.



The findings of the study reveal that: (1) the teacher and the participants possess positive attitude
toward applying webcam motion sensor games to sensory integration training; (2) Webcam motion sensor games can enhance autistic students’ learning interest; and (3) applying the game-based learning to webcam motion sensor games can improve the effect of autistic students’ muscle training and endurance.

Research in Computer Games and Virtual World Environments

More than 30 scholars engaged in research on topics related to Computer Games and Virtual Worlds (CGVWs) participated in a workshop to identify future research problems and opportunities in this arena. Six working group topics were identified based on the scholarship and interests of the invited participants. The groups were then tasked to meet, discuss, and debate their respective topics, the results of which appear as the first six chapters of this report, including Education and Learning with CGVWs.

game-based learning


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