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How Gamification Can Revitalize Education

Speaking at TEDxBerlin 2012Gabe Zichermann delivered an impassioned call to remake education through gamification:  “Changing the Game in Education”, at TEDxBerlin 2012 “Future 3.0”.

As an entrepreneur and author, Zichermann is the founder and CEO of  The Gamification Corporation and chair of the Gamification Summit and Workshops.  His work centers on harnessing the power of games to engage people at school, work and in the community.

Several interesting examples mentioned in this talk include:

In the TV show called The Aviators, it showed the surprising fact that kids can fly the airplane in the real flight simulator but their parents generally have problems with that. That kind of skill is called fluid intelligence(Gf). Fluid intelligence is the ability to handle the problems that we never experience before – our raw problem-solving capacity, it’s different from crystalized intelligence which is the ability to use the knowledge we already know. Playing games can enhance our Gf ability efficiently. For example, a game called “dual-n-back” can boost your IQ in short time. Isn’t that a incredible?! (you can read more about “Simple brain exercise can boost IQ“)

gamification of education

Plantville is a training game from Siemens, it let you learn how to run factories. It has been played by 20,000 people around the world. It’s a much better way than learning by going through a lot of instructional tutorials and videos.

Another example is form IBM – INNOV8, it’s a game about learning internal business process management(BPM). Over a thousand institutions and universities around the world have used it to teach people how to do BPM. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned how to re-engineer the business processes through this game. It  gives both IT and business players a better understanding of how effective BPM impacts an entire business ecosystem.

For annual review in every company, the annual report can be replaced by instant feedback. Many successful start-ups have already standardized the dialogue loop in this way! How gamification can make a difference? It’s all about Feedback, Friend and Fun.(remember 3F)

Education isn’t just about kids. Education isn’t only about the ability to applying what we’ve learned before. Let’s image a bigger picture for education, education isn’t stopped when you step out of schools. Testing scores in schools will guarantee less and less for the success in people’s lives.


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