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Story and Characters are The Most Important Elements in Gamification

The Gamification of Learning: What Research Says About Simulations & Serious Games

by  (@kkapp) on Oct 03, 2012

Keynote address from The Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainers Summit held in Princeton, NJ by the Socieyt of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Trainers

In this presentation Karl Kapp went through some key results found from researches. He also prioritizes the gamification elements to the two most important ones that aid learning with affordable costs.

  1. Story
  2. Characters (avatars)

from Kapp’s presentation

In the conclusion, these are the considerations to focus:

  1. Use a game/simulation to provide a context for the learning.
  2. Don’t focus on “entertainment.”
  3. Carefully craft the simulation/game to provide opportunities to increase  engagement and interactivity to increase learning.
  4. Embed the game /simulation into the curriculum. Provide “set‐up,” game‐ time and debrief.
  5. Embed facts to be learned in the context of stories.
  6. Use stories that are related to the context of the desired outcome.
  7. Use characters/agents to model desired behavior.
  8. Use characters/agents to provide feedback and instruction to learners.

Author Bio.

Karl Kapp is a professor at Bloomsburg University and author of “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction” , “Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning: Tools for Transferring Knowledge from the Boomers to the Gamers” and co-author of “Learning in 3D”.


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