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Crowdfunding for Game-Based Learning Projects

My colleague came across Mrs.Chubb’s site several days ago, and found she is raising funding for her classroom to be able to purchase learning games. Her students need seven reading comprehension games such as Tricky Tracks Main Idea Gamed and Comic Connection Sequencing Game to build essential skills. By using games to build comprehension students learn in a fun and non-traditional way. (read or contribute to her project  on

Educators might find it challenging to fund for game-based learning projects as the idea isn’t well-recognized although it might sound exciting. Thanks to social media, individuals and organizations have been empowered to advance social change in areas like education like never before.  “” is an online community that connects you to classrooms in need. If you want to program a new game or tool, possibly you have thought of KickStarter. Successful or not, KickStarter let many new ideas get exposure to the audience resonating with them.

The beauty of coding is that it empowers people to realize their innovative ideas so that we have a diversified solutions for different preferences, sizes and causes. Here are 11 Innovative Crowdfunding Platforms for Social Good. You even can ask funding from your friends on the move through GoFundMe’s CrowdFunding tool. GoFundMe fundraisers get their cash as it comes in – no need to wait to reach a predetermined goal like Kickstarter. There are a lot more stories on CrowdRise – online fundraising website for individuals, charities and events.


With 140 million users and 30 million dollars raised, don’t count Causes on Facebook out. Causes provides free and easy tool for everyone to change this world. There is an “education” category on this highly popular site. Browse some stories and read the tips for success!

For non-profit organizations, KIMBIA has an array of tools to do online fundraising. Their widget technology allows organizations to distribute registration and donation forms anywhere on the Web and allows Web users to access those forms and make a payment from any Web page, Facebook page, smartphone, or tablet. Potential donors can become advocates of the organization by redistributing the form themselves.

Check out how companies like Kickstarter,, and others are helping people raise millions for great causes. To advocate for a new idea and make a change are a lot easier nowadays with the right tools.
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  1. Thank you sooo much for this article! The timing couldn’t be better. I’m going to be transforming my game-based education website, The Fiction Engine, into a resource site for game-based learning…GB units for teachers, parents and independent learners. But I need some funding in order to put the time into developing the materials. Your post has pointed me in the right direction, Jessie. Cheers!

  2. Hi Edwin, Great! I am your blog reader and like your blog very much. The GB units site will be a helpful resource for educators and learners. You are very welcome to promote your fundraising cause by posting an article here if you like. We’ll help you spread the words.

  3. To raise funding for classroom projects, this is another post with useful information:


  1. Social Change Through Facebook, Other Social Networks - Curation

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