Connecting dots for digital learning and teaching Is A New Creative Collaboration Tool

Buenos Aires-based startup opened its doors to the public today, delivering a new way to collect, share and brainstorm on the web. The tool mixes a little bit of Evernote with a whole lot ofPrezi, but rather than feel derivative, it instead seems like the next natural step in the ongoing evolution of how we not only think about, but share and collaborate on ideas together online… (from TechCrunch)

creative collaboration platform is a free-form brainstorming tool, not like Prezi there is a narrative as a baseline, narrative is a secondary concern as it can be created later. had its roots in game design since the founder Mariano Suarez Battan had previously founded startup gaming company Three Melons, later acquired by Playdom. It was built with a creative workflow that encourages originality and creativity.

Users can grab websites, photos, audio and other media and work arrange them on a virtual canvas, as well as invite others to work together at the same time in the same space, something founder Mariano Suarez Battan thinks is generative of unique, creative results. Finally, is also designed to be at home on touch devices, so the web product is ready and optimized for touch input and manipulation via devices like the iPad.

Take a look at some examples, and see if it fits to develop your ideas or stories with friends or in classrooms!

creative collaboration platform

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