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iPad Toolbox for Nurturing Creativity

Many people think iPad is a great device for consuming information and multimedia, but not a best tool for creating. Since on laptops or PC there are mature software tools for creating, but not on tablets. Especially constructivism theory for authentic learning experience is becoming popular. So, for example, BYOL(bring your own laptop) is encouraged instead of BYOD(bring your own device). On the other hand, the keyboards with laptops are easier for input.

Well, we can’t predict the future, but typing is only one way to input, maybe more humane interfaces for input will dominate in several years. And, this presentation will just show you how many great Apps on iPad are ready for your creating. Yes, we think human’s creativity might change many things, that’s why you need a toolbox for your creativity, and this is an awesome collection(from Karen Bosch) for tools on iPad.

Karen’s site “ iPad multimedia tools for creativity” categorizes those tools into Audio Tools, Book Creator ToolsComic ToolsDigital Storytelling ToolsDrawing ToolsMusic ToolsPhoto Cam ToolsPhoto Editing/Effects ToolsPhoto Transfer ToolsPhoto Utility ToolsScreencasting ToolsVideo Tools., and project examples are shared.

We think sharing from everyone is beneficial for everyone. We like to add some Apps that are creative and fun.

PlayART let kids play around with masters’ artworks, because only interactions can build deeper relevance between the learning objects and learners. Play, learn and create your masterpiece with elements taken from the original works of five important painters: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau e Paul Klee. Isn’t it a good idea to mash up Van Gogh’s sunflowers with Monet’s waterlillies and Cézanne’s fruit? Kids take a closer look on the elements when they play with them. As they remix elements from these masters they also find the different touch in their paintings.

iPad app, app for learning Art

photography appPercolator App is a unique app that will make your photos surprisingly fun. Capture some images anytime by your iPhones, and brew them with different effects on the go. The App uses an algorithm places circles in the empty areas of images, from the largest possible circle down to the smallest. You have many setting choices to “brew” a picture. Do some experiments, hack the pictures and have a different way to see visual images! (education pricing is available in Apple App store)

“Even if you aren’t a professional designer or photographer, you can easily create some off-the-hook stuff to share with the world.” — Chris Pirillo

It’s true. Take a look at this very short video.

What’s your addition to the iPad toolbox for creativity? If there is anything comes to your minds now, add it at the comment column if you like, except self-promotion, thank you!


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