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Learning Game Winners at International Serious Play Awards

International Serious Play Awards is a program honoring exceptional examples of corporate, military, school/at home learning and games for good titles. The awards were announced during the 2012 Serious Play Conference, at DigiPen Institute of Technology. A panel of experts selected 18 serious games for recognition. This year’s entries included international submissions from Canada, Spain, India, Singapore, the Netherlands and Macedonia.

Here is the winners :

GOLD Medal Winners:

  • Mission US 2: “Flight to Freedom, THIRTEEN/WNET, Electric Funstuff and American Social History Productions (Education)
  • Guts and Bolts BrainPOP (Games for Good)
  • DragonBox+,  WeWantToKnow  (At Home Learning)
  • FLOW is Good Business, ALEAS Simulations (Corporate Game)
  • Family of Heroes, Kognito Interactive (Government/Military)
  • The Snowfield, MIT Gambit Games Lab Singapore (Student)

SILVER Medal Winners:

  • Strategic Innovation Simulation: Back Bay Battery V2, Forio Online Simulations (Education)
  • Past/Present, Center for New American Media Inc. (Games for Good)
  • Government in Action, Muzzy Lane Software (At Home Learning)
  • Vision, BreakAway, Ltd. (Corporate Game)
  • Agent Surefire, MAVI Interactive (Government/Military)
  • UV Radical Ray Rampage, University of California, Davis – Center for Biophonics Science and Technology (Student)

BRONZE Medal Winners:

  • Juf in a Box, Ranj Serious Games (Education)
  • Digital Passport, Mighty Play (Games for Good)
  • Reading Kingdom, Jonathan Blank (At Home Learning)
  • Gangs: PC 186.22 for Patrol, David Connor and Sam McFadden (Corporate Game)
  • Mission Senegal, Alelo (Government/Military)
  • A Closed World, Singapore – MIT GAMBET Games Lab (Student)

In addition to the medal winners, the following games were certified:

  • Mastering Management Coaching, Enspire Learning
  • SmartGate – The Game, Ijsfontein & BrandNewGame
  • USAFA-3D-Virtual Campus Tour, Designing Digitally & USAF
  • HD Supply – Lessons for Sales Success, Allen Interactions & HD Supply
  • Habitals, Handlelife
  • Human Aspects in Cybersecurity: Play a Day in the Life, Tata Interactive Systems and the University of Maryland

history game

We are sure you will want to check them out for your educational purposes, some of them are free to play as they were supported from some grants, like Past/Present which is tightly aligned with secondary school state and national history standards, and Mission US which is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games.  There are teaching resources for teachers. 

Last year’s(2011) finalists can be found here.


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