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63000 students signed on to do the course and already the #gamification12 hashtag on twitter started going ballistic with all the students talking about their experiences. I wonder how many will actually finish? Will the numbers of students finish still be more than students who have attended the course in person, on campus? (I believe so).

As I watched the twitter stream fill my screen, I noticed that the Dutch and Spanish tweets starting to come through and immediately realised the global potential of this new course. This is what the academics at PLE Conference were saying about opening up their education courses to the world!

Activate Learning Solutions

Some time ago I attended a Personal Learning Conference in Melbourne that was conducted jointly through Deakin University and the University of Aveiro Portugal.  I was the “odd man out” being the only one from corporate attending a conference in a sea of academics –  but I didn’t mind.  In fact, that conference turned out to be one the most enlightening experiences of my professional and self development in learning.

During the conference, I listened to guest speaker Dr Alec Couros (@courosa) give his headline presentation and it was the first time, I had heard of the term MOOC.  I pulled my laptop close to me, turned it away from my academic neighbours at the table and quietly tapped “MOOC” into Google for fear of being laughed at with my ignorance of the term.  As I read about MOOCs I realised what the fuss was about.  Here was a room…

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“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).
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