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BYOD Brings The Ownership of Learning to Students

In the report from Learning Untethered on piloting Android tablets in 5th grader, the most important conclusion might be about the learning style shift after students have the ownership of their devices and learning. If you can’t deploy that amounts of devices for every students, the study recommends trying a BYOD classroom. They saw a very obvious improvement in the mindset of the students thanks to the introduction of devices, so get them into your classroom any way you can.

So, this pinboard “BYOD” from Eric Sheninger could be a useful resource for your reference, the curation includes the following topics:

  • Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools
  • Collection of BYOD Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
  • 6 Steps for Increasing Student Access with BYOD
  • Tips for BYOD Programs
  • Student, Teacher, and Parent Guide
  • BYOD guidelines  from the South Western School District
  • How Edina Public Schools Moved from One-to-One to BYOD
  • St. Marys City Schools Mobile Learning Technology resources
  • A Principal’s Reflections: Moving Schools Forward With BYOD
  • The Future of EdTech is “Bring Your Own Device”….BYOD
  • 7 Myths About BYOD Debunked


Besides, below are a few more examples of policies from schools that successfully implemented BYOD:

Also, Getting Smart have some good articles around BYOD:


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  1. How to make BYOD work for your schools (from eSchool News):
    We’ve talked with ed-tech leaders in a number of districts with BYOD initiatives, and here’s how they’re meeting these challenges in their schools…


  1. BYOD Brings The Ownership of Learning to Students | Transforming Learning with Technology |
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) in Education (mini-whitepaper) « seCURE Connexion

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