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TypingWeb: Free Online Typing Tutor for Students and Teachers

Generation C, the Connected Generation, has access to computers and the internet at home, school, and everywhere inbetween thanks to tablets and smartphones. This “connectedness” creates a need for digital literacy and efficiency, in order to get the most out of the technology available. One of the most important components of digital literacy is keyboarding – a focal point of 21st century learning thanks to schools embracing technology in the classroom and understanding that powerful computers are only as fast as the information being input.

Unfortunately, not all schools are created equal when it comes to technology. Some schools offer computers labs whereas others have iPads for each child. Some have enormous budgets for technology integration and others are dealing with extreme budget cuts. This gap in resources does not have to prevent teachers and students from having access to an excellent keyboarding program, thanks to free software like TypingWeb. TypingWeb is a free, web-based, typing tutor for teachers and students. It is used by thousands of districts nationwide on both computers and iPads, and a top choice of teachers thanks to its engaging curriculum and amazing teacher tools.

TypingWeb helps students go beyond the hunt-and-peck method of typing by offering exercises that focus on technique and accuracy. The wide array of lessons, ranging from Beginner to Advanced, makes TypingWeb perfect for students of all skill levels. Students enjoy being able to quickly track improvement, time spent typing, and lesson performance as they move through the course with the easy to use progress reports. The desire to type faster and longer than their classmates is evoked as students compete for rank in the optional Classroom Scoreboard. Students can’t resist the urge to showcase their accomplishments by filling the shelves of their trophy case with the trophies awarded to them for completing a typing lesson. TypingWeb creates the perfect environment, both engaging and challenging.

Teachers prefer TypingWeb over other typing tutors because of the amazing tools and resources it provides. Creating and managing student accounts is effortless in the easy to use Teacher Portal. Not only can you import an entire class roster to quickly create any number of student accounts, the students can then be grouped into classes for better organization and monitoring. Teachers can ensure that everyone is staying on task thanks to the Student Radar, a cutting edge feature available exclusively on TypingWeb, offering real-time classroom monitoring at a glance, displaying exactly what each student is working on in class. After class, teachers can track progress and improvement or grade students with custom reports.

Even the most advanced typing tutor cannot replace a good keyboarding teacher, but it can enhance their ability to set students up for success in the digital world. Embracing technology and improving computer skills is no longer optional and TypingWeb is there to make sure no child gets left behind.


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