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Create “Choose Your Own Adventure” Videos

by Greg Kulowiec, The History 2.0 Classroom(licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA)

Last year, along with a class of outstanding 9th grade students, we created French Revolution vs. Egyptian Protest Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) YouTube projects.  I have had a few requests on how to go about making the projects so I put together this video tutorial.  The tutorial provides the technical insight into how to upload and link YouTube videos with the built in Annotation & Spotlight feature.  However, the most critical aspect of these projects is the planning.  Below the video is the document that my students used to plan and organize their videos.



The Knewton Edtech Blog has a great walk through and example on how to make this kind of videos.

Do check out the students’ project, it was featured on WBUR’s (90.0, Boston NPR Station) “Here and Now” program on February 18th. 


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