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Play and Learn Weekly Aug.4th, 2012

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn …


White House Academic Consortium on Games for Impact Launched

On July 26, the inaugural meeting of the Academic Consortium on Games for Impact at was held at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, DC. Twenty academic members from 19 universities, 43 consortium partners from government and industry were invited to attend the initial meeting.

CREATIVE COMPUTING – A summer workshop for K-12 teachers

August 8-11, 2012
A summer workshop for K-12 teachers
Organized by the MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with Google’s CS4HS initiative

Gamification World Congress 2012

The Gamification World Congress 2012, will be held on Thursday 20 September, at Feria Valencia and its main focus is on success stories and panels focused on the main gamification application areas such as education, productivity, health, engagement, etc.

Serious Games Showcase and Challenge: Aug.1st ~ Sept.15th

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge are now accepting Serious Game entries for the 2012 Contest! Awards include: Best Business Game, Best Student Game, Best Government Game, Best Mobile Game, Audience Choice Award, Special Award: Adaptive Force Training

serious game contest

Upcoming Webinar “Interactivity, Games and Gamification: Creating Engaged Learners” (by Karl Kapp)

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Assistant Director of Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies
Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Time: 12:30PM Pacific / 3:30PM Eastern 

The presentation is based on solid research including peer-reviewed results from dozens of studies that offer insights into why game-based thinking and mechanics makes for vigorous learning tools.  The presentation explores three methods for designing interactive learning based on concepts from games.

Games in Education has been held this week – The Sixth Annual Symposium on the Use of Video Games as Teaching Tools

From the Virtual Teaching Frontlines: Game Design Summer Program

E-Line Media, a Cooney Center partner in the National STEM Video Game Challenge, and the creator of the game-building platform Gamestar Mechanic, has designed an engaging curriculum that teaches kids not only how to make their own games, but also what it is that game designers actually do.

MindSnacks Nabs $6.5M From Sequoia To Bring Fun Educational Games To Your Mobile Device (TechCrunch)

MindSnacks, the DreamIt Ventures accelerator grad that has become known for its addictive educational games for iOS (that feature an ever-present slug), announced today that it has raised $6.5 million from Sequoia Capital.

Serious games teach students serious business (German)

Utrecht University students are learning to become sustainable entrepreneurs with a serious game called Solar Tycoon. But are serious games a substitute for real experience? It all started when Geoscience professors at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands discovered that their students were missing a link. They were having trouble connecting theory about innovation and sustainable technologies with real life situations on the market. They lacked the practical experience…

Lennon Bus and Learning Games Network Present: The Stanford Game Jam

The Lennon Bus and The Learning Games Network teamed up to host a 2-day game jam on the Stanford Campus in sunny Palo Alto California. This project is especially unique because we worked with 8 local students, 3 Stanford programers, and our fearsome Lennon Bus crew to create an app for the iPad from scratch, in just 2 days. Take a look. launches game based learning platform for students, an Indian startup by Ex-IITians has launched an unique game based learning platform for students. Platform help students learn and win by earning reward points through various tests and activities.


360KID Learning Game Trends at Casual Connect (must-read for anyone likes to make learning games)

This year’s US event of Casual Connect was held in Seattle last week, and had a day long track focused on Children & Family Entertainment. 360KID CEO Scott Traylor was asked to deliver a presentation on trends and best practices for developing learning games. The video below is a recording of his talk called “Technology, Kids, & Learning: The Future and the Opportunities”. Links to specific research cited in this presentation are listed.

ASTD Gamification Webinar Slides : What Research Tells Us about Games, Gamification and Learning (from Karl Kapp)

Resources from ASTD Webinar

Melding Neuroscience with Technology for Education (from Playware Studios (PWS))

In the 21st century, technology will help education by providing a new understanding and pedagogies for learning through specific types of serious games. In many schools around the world today, initiatives have brought about the surge in games for learning in all types of schools. Simply put, game based learning provides versatility for more than one learning style, and also can affect cognitive and psychomotor skills.


A Climate Change Board Game for Interdisciplinary Communication and Education

This article reports and reflects on the design and use of the board game KEEP COOL on climate change. The game covers and integrates central biophysical, economic, and political aspects of the issue. By using a board game as common language between students and scientists from different scientific cultures, knowledge of different disciplines can be integrated and different views can be discussed.

DEVELOPMENT MONOPOLY: A Simulation Game on Poverty and Inequality

DEVELOPMENT MONOPOLY is a simulation game that allows players to experience how power relations influence the agency of different socioeconomic groups, and how this can induce poverty and inequality. Players alter the original rules of the MONOPOLY board game so that they more accurately reflect social stratification and inequalities in the context of developing countries.


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