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Personal Learning Environments and Psychological Ownership

Excellent points from researching have been revealed by Prof. Dr. Ilona Buchem, this is a noteworthy presentation about personalized learning environments for every educators . This study was conducted on students in higher education level.

  • Ownership and control emerged as core concepts in the analysis of over 100 publications on personal learning environment based on the grounded theory.
  • What does it means to own or control a learning environment ? Theory of Psychological ownership is explained.
  • How to facilitate and measure psychological ownership in building personal learning environment ?

ePortfolio to be preceived as personal learning environment is proved as strongly related to learning motivation. ePortfolio technology itself doesn’t matter that much, but being able to decide how to utilize technology for learning is more important. As she highlighted in her own post:

One of most interesting outcomes of the study was the relation between control and ownership. The results show that while perceived control of intangible aspects of a learning environment (such as being able to determine the subject matter or access rights) has a much larger impact on the feeling of ownership of a learning environment than perceived control of tangible aspects (such as being able to choose the technology). Another interesting result was to see that psychological ownership is a very good predictor of the quality of learning in terms of engagement, invested time, creativity, interest orientation and self-direction.

Dr. Ilona Buchem is a PhD of Educational Sciences. Her research and teaching agenda include digital diversity, digital identities, online participation, online facilitation, mobile learning, e-portfolios and personal learning environments. She has been actively involved in PLE community and  E-Portfolio Initiative  in Berlin & Brandenburg.


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