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Top 10 Resources about iPad Pilot Programs Shared by Educators(K12)

In the past two year, iPad pilot programs have been gaining momentum in schools worldwide. You might be wondering “Do iPads really improve learning?” It’s great that many pioneers are sharing their experiences and advices on websites or on iBook. They have been posting valuable insights, recommended apps for elementary and secondary students, “How-to” and lesson plans, technical resources…, all information about piloting and rolling out iPads in schools. These are the most mentioned and recommended resources. (not in priority sequence)

1.Canby District Wiki from Canby School District in Canby, Oregon

2.iPad in Education from School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

This wiki is often referred as a good source about iPad pilot experience sharing, they have another wiki eMobilize serving as implementation, documentation, and publication of the process of rolling mobile devices out into the classrooms of Palm Beach County. The authors of this wiki will be using this research to develop a professional development curriculum to mentor other teachers in the implementation of how to create and implement a mobile learning environment.

3.Learning and Teaching with iPads from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, Australia (covering 78 schools and over 41000 students)

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta iPad trial 2010 report findings

4.Adventage 2014 from Auburn School District in Auburn, Maine

 5.Reading with iPads – the difference makes a difference by Dale Sheppard(Education today), this is a study on two Australian Yr 6 classes totalling 43 students last year. In comparison to Auburn School District report: iPads increased Kindergarten literacy scores, it’s found that although the students participating in the study reported an increase in engagement when using the iPad, there was not a corresponding rise in achievement. In fact, the comprehension scores of some young readers actually decreased.

6.SVSD IPAD PILOT from Snoqualmie Valley School District in Snoqualmie, Washington

7.iPad Project of PSD from Pennsville School District  in Pennsville, NJ

8.The WIFI — Eanes ISD iPad Pilot Project from Eanes School Districts in Austin, Texas

  • Sharing insights into the impacts of a school-wide 11/12th grade iPad implementation at Westlake High School in Eanes ISD, Austin, Texas.

9.iOS Device Best Practices (PDF) from Goochland County Public Schools at Goochland, Virginia, and this “iOS in Education” eBook contains Goochland’s list of apps installed on iOS Devices for students (ePub Edition for iBooks on iOS & PDF Edition)


iPad, Apps10.Hot Apps 4 HOTS(A Guide to Using Free Apps to Support Higher Order Thinking Skills) is a free iBook made by Techchef4u hosted by Lisa Johnson and Yolanda Barker, Lisa is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas.

In this interactive resource, readers will cycle through 9 stations focusing on each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy (from remembering to creating). Each station will include an apptivity with a specific app, example products, and additional resources to support iPad integration in the iClassroom.

A user contract is only one part of an implementation program. Here is a good list of things that you should be looking at before you even get to the purchase agreement stage. Use this as a checklist to make sure that your 1 to 1 implementation goes to plan:  Preparing your school for an iPad implementation. More references on using iPads in education are curated here: “Educational Apps“.


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  1. iPads in Chicago Public Schools :
    The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) iPad Project seeks to dramatically transform the classroom.

    Such a transformation is made possible through use of the low‐cost Apple iPad tablet computer. In an effort to drive “big change” and to promote meaningful classroom usage, Information & Technology Services offered iPad grants to schools. In return, we were able to identify best practices that could dramatically transform the way teachers teach and the way students learn throughout the District.

    We have collected preliminary data on the different ways schools use the device and applications, and structure their classroom around the iPad. For example, if your school chronically struggles in math, take a look at the way other schools are using certain apps, and see how you can apply those practices to transform teaching and learning methods for your students.


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