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You know OER is on the right track when the Secretary of Education said “OER matters”

Creative Commons, the U.S. Department of Education and the Open Society Institute announce the launch of the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition (CC Blog Post). The submission deadline is June 5, 2012, and the prizes include $25,000 (first), $5,000 (second), and $1,000 (Public Choice Award). You know OER is on the right track when the Secretary of Education said “OER matters”.

The Perspectives about OER and Open Education are optimisic and positive opinions on what OER can evolve to benefit our education. Dr. Scott McLeod had ever issued an interesting challenge to teachers and school administrators about one and half years ago – the textbook challenge – it is based the idea that “there’s not much in your children’s textbooks that isn’t available in at least a dozen places online for free.” The response was significant. For readers might be interested in leveraging the information from presentations on OER updated recently. Here are some excellent resources.

At SXSWEdu in this month there were at least a dozen sessions  on teacher-created education resources replacing texts. “Moving Beyond Textbooks: OER in Support of K-12 Education” is a session presented by Jason Neiffer, he also provided an “OER starter kit” and workshop handouts. The presentation is embeded here.

The beauty of digital form of content is that we can share it without giving away. That results in digital abundance. The ways we learn and read have been changed, so it’s time that textbooks should be different. Numerous open source activities exist in education, but they might deal not only with textbooks but a broader opportunities including tools and innovations too.

The global event – Open Education Week – had just held online and locally, archives of all the sessions are available. And we also aggregate OER resourcesopen curriculum sources, and open multi-media resources for our readers. For a quick picture of OER, please read Index of OER Resources and A Review of Open Education in 2011.


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