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Thought Provoking Sparks from SXSWEdu 2012

SXSWedu in Austin, Texas this week brought many innovative ideas to the forefront of discussion. If you need a quick catch on the trending topics, 6 Leading Trends at SXSWedu (from Sarah Cargill) is for you. According to 360KID, there are close to 10,000 tweets around this event.


(SXSWedu Word Cloud from 9,503 Tweets gathered over 3 days, made by 360KID)

For the most thought provoking sparks (from facts or opinions), we think these are the top 12 tweets:

johnmaeda ‏ @johnmaeda“History shows us that artists were scientists. Scientists were artists.” —Sarah Ganz Blythe via @stemtosteam #sxswedu

Office of Ed Tech ‏ @OfficeofEdTech: RT @arneduncan: We never debate the cost of putting people in prison. Why do we debate the cost of educating people? #SXSWedu

US Dept of Education ‏ @usedgov: A great teacher in a classroom will still make the biggest difference in the lives of our students. @arneduncan #SXSWedu

Mark Moran ‏ @findingDulcinea: At #sxswedu last week there were at least a dozen sessions on teacher-created education resources replacing texts. #elemchat#sschat

Lisa Thumann ‏ @lthumannWhat?!? By 2014 there will be more active cell phones on the planet than people #cosn #sxswedu #siteconf

Sandy Kendell ‏ @EdTechSandyK: Decentralization of schools is a strength of our system – leads to innovation – but can create barriers in spread of technology.#sxswedu

Marketplace K-12 ‏ @MarketplaceK12: Duncan pointing to rigorous teacher screening/compensation in Singapore as plan worth “stealing” for U.S. #sxswedu

Karina Linch ‏ @mslinch: HS teacher question to @arneduncan “We have all these wonderful tools that we can’t use because we’re busy teaching to the test.”#SXSWedu

Audrey Watters ‏ @audreywatters#occupyaustin protesting the Pearson CEO’s #swswedu keynote. TX teachers talking about the $550 million the state pays Pearson for testing.

Sandra Hines ‏ @k20: Learning Powered by Technology -imagine a Learning Positioning System, like a GPS, to guide student learning in digital learning#sxswedu

Kimberly Gonzales ‏ @kimmburrrlee:  @levarburton talking about the magic of reading is being actively involved in the creation of the narrative #sxswedu

Tech-Savvy Teacher ‏ @techsavvyteach: I like the notion from Maine that 1:1 and OER go hand in hand: spend $ on 1:1; use limited funds for content and use OER instead#sxswedu

If you are looking for authentic reflections from educators, visit ‘s blog, there are details of different topics from day one to the end(many posts). #SXSWedu reflections…from Stephanie Sandifer and Animal, vegetable or mineral: SXSW Edu evolution from Carolyn Foote are recommended too. The value of gaming in education is a hot topic this year, Gaming – waste of time? Or untapped educational tool? by Susan Raybuck is a summary from Jane McGonigal’s presentation. Another fascinating panel Thursday at sxswedu was the BizKids for young entrepreneurs ages 7-15, check out this post from Susan Raybuck.

Storify is a top free tool to use social media and internet contents to tell a story, it’s like a story prism(quote from Allen Weiner, VP of Gartner) to reveal stories from different perspectives. This story embedded below from  is a good recap, and Audrey Watters also gave a storified summary from a senior journalist’s point of view.


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