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What Do iPad Textbooks Mean to Education ?

iPad, textbookApple announced new moves about digital textbooks last month, including iPad textbook – iBooks 2, free authoring tool – iBooks Author. What’s the meaning to education? Will Apple revolutionize the ways we learn and teach? This is an infographic “iPads vs Textbooks” from OnlineTeachingDegree.

iPad, textbook, digital textbook


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  1. (comment copied from old site)

    from Furrybluem:
    I agree that universal ipads from scratch would be costly, but many schools are already investing in the ipad hardware. If you have a school that has the ipads, buying just the ibooks would be cheaper. Our modern students are not reading traditional texts and may be persuaded to read ibooks with video links, etc. Why buy tools that aren’t being used?

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