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A Research Engine for Differentiated Learning

There are a lot of search engines out there, I know, we’ve also mentioned some options about Surfing Internet and Learning Safely. But if you look into InstaGrok, you will learn how much different search could be done today. We should call it a research engine (instead of search engine) that adds value to search results. These are main features listed:

instaGrok, search engine

  • Retrieves educational materials in multiple formats (webpages, videos, forum, textbooks, expert users…)
  • Identifies key concepts and terminology
  • Helps visualize relationships between concepts
  • Displays definitions of terminology
  • Finds expert users on online forums
  • Generates random multiple-choice quizzes

Being dedicated for learning purpose, non-educational content (like news, shopping sites) will be filtered, instaGrok helps learners make sense of search results through the following ways.

instaGrok – a Safe, Age Appropriate Research Engine

One of the most fundamental skills for success in the 21st century will be an ability to understand problems and find answers. As a result, students of all ages are sharpening their research skills using search engines. instaGrok is easy for younger students, eliminates offensive and non-educational content and provides powerful visualization technologies such as concept maps and concept clouds.


Differentiated Learning

instaGrok was developed to provide differentiated learning to students of varying abilities, learning styles and interests. The difficulty level of each material is determined. instaGrok allows some students to select easier concept difficulty while advanced researchers view all search results. instaGrok excels with visual learners by integrating multimedia results including webpages, videos, and images. Because instaGrok searches the entire Web, students can learn about any topic they want.

Assessment and Curation

instaGrok uses quiz questions to measure that students are really learning. As students browse the web, multiple choice quiz questions are automatically generated from the content they are browsing. instaGrok also includes electronic journals called “groks” that are used to curate research into reports. myGroks automatically include website links, concept lists and quiz results and are editable by the student, shareable with teachers and organized by the topic of research. There will be the capability for students to build their own concept maps within their Grok.

You can refer to this review “Text-Drive instaGrok” from Joyce Valenza, a teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School. Being supported by Imagine K12, an incubator program for early stage ed-tech startups, instaGrok is still new to many users, it welcomes  feedback from teachers, librarians, and students. To learn more about instaGrok, visit If you need a user guide to get started, here is the link.


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