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Digital Learning? Why Not Listening to What Students Say

Febuary 1, 2012 is the first US nation’s Digital Learning Day to celebrate innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a personalized educational experience. The site has valuable information about showcase of promising practices and toolkits filled with helpful resources for all kinds of stakeholders. It even provides some awesome ideas to do on the day. I will say, why don’t we put down digital devices streaming busy bits and bytes and listen to what students want for their learning ?

We already have tons of research on what digital learning should be likehow digital learning improves learning evaluated through assessments on learning outcomes…blablabla…(perhaps some of the reports are driven by vendors?) Ambitious digital learning projects are ongoing. But something is missing here. As the British Columbia Education Ministry is seeking feedback on how schools should be reformed for the 21st century, according to Janet SteffenhagenVancouver students will gather Tuesday(Feb. 9) at the Roundhouse community centre to discuss what they need for optimal learning and how personalized learning could be expanded in their schools.

The forum will be facilitated by a team of over 40 students and will feature the use of iPad, iTouch, and twitter technology.  A graphic artist will be present at the forum to visually and artistically capture the innovative ideas and themes in a gigantic mural. 

“The mural will serve as a significant component of the vision for student learning and engagement.

“At the end of day students will present their ideas and themes to VSB Senior Management, Trustees and the Ministry of Education who are all key sponsors of the forum.”

That’s it, students should be the center of the learning process, at least our education system should let their voices be heard. Have you read some of these articles(listed below) from our youths? What can we learn from their thoughts? And don’t forget to listen to what students say on Digital Learning Day or beyond.

An Eighth-Grader’s Letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Steve Jobs as the Secretary of Education

Not Ready to Listen?

Learning Revolution, Are You Ready?

It Takes People to Make a Change, Not a Government

Hey Mr.Knowitall, 2 Weeks Detention…For Talking Seriously About Education

A high-school student’s view of what makes a good teacher


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