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Blurb: Multimedia iPad/iPhone App For ALL Learners To Show What They Know

Paul Hamilton works as an assistive technology consultant in the public school system on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He is constantly on the lookout for free options for supporting universal access and universal design for learning. Moreover, free learning resource links are curated.

His blog content on “Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner” is open licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. We like to copy/paste one of his recent post on a useful and easy tool on iPad/iPhone which is a great tool for learning.


Blurb: Multimedia iPad/iPhone App For ALL Learners To Show What They Know

It is important that all learners become skilled in using multimedia tools to show what they know. It’s even more important for learners who struggle with written output!

blurb mobile, blurb

Blurb Mobile  is an app for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to combine images with text and/or voice narration to create multimedia presentations. I have tried Blurb on an iPad, and it has done exactly what I wanted it to do. It has created a slide show with both text captions and audio narration attached to each slide.

I used the iPad to find and download 5 copyright-friendly images. Importing images from the iPad’s Camera Roll into Blurb worked smoothly, and it was extremely easy to add text and to record the audio narration. As illustrated below, when in edit mode, click on the mic to bring up a recording box, or on the T to bring up a box for entering text.


There are several ways of sharing presentations or stories created with Blurb Mobile. Of course, a story created on an iPad looks great on the Blurb Mobile app on an iPhone. Presentations can be shared with anyone on Blurb’s website, in what it calls its ‘Story Stream’. Each presentation has its own URL, so that link can be shared. There is a convenient way to post a Blurb presentation to a Tumblr blog. Or, you can upload a Blurb directly to your Youtube account. Unfortunately, the Youtube version does not show any text  that has been added to images.

Click on the image below, and you will see my sample project as hosted on the Blurb website.


Now here’s what the same project looks like on Youtube.

Now here it is again on my Tumblr blog.

I would be remiss if I did not add that there is more that you can do with Blurb Mobile. You can include a brief (up to 30 second) video clip, and import audio files. With an imported audio file, you could add a musical background to play throughout your story or presentation. You can choose from different “themes” that determine the look of your finished project. Multiple images may also be added to a single slide in a variety of different layouts

There is nothing you can’t do with the basic version of Blurb Mobile, and the app is not ad-supported. If you wish, for $0.99, you can upgrade to Blurb Mobile Plus. The upgrade offers more themes to choose from, additional audio recording time, the option of including more video clips, etc. For example, the free version lets you include up to 8 images and 1 video clip. The ‘Plus’ version allows up to 15 images as well as 3 video clips.


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