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Better Individual Learning Path – The Finnish Way We Should Know

Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning is the post organizing key findings and resources about leveraging digital learning to fulfill personalized learning. In this post there are more valuable insights, analysis and experience sharing about learner-centered learning. (Don’t forget to check out more resources curated by Kathleen McClaskey : Personalized Learning.)

Quote from Paul Lorette, the principal of Brackendale Elementary School in Squamish, British Columbia.(his blog : Ready for Learning)

There are no programs or prescribed steps to personalizing learning, rather, learning becomes more personal when students are fully engaged in their learning, when they have ownership in their learning, when they can talk with confidence about their learning, when they see the relevance of their learning and when they know where they are going with their learning. The challenge for schools is to work with families and communities to imagine the kinds of learning experiences that will accomplish these goals. To me, this process starts with dialogue and asking the right questions.

Sir Ken Robinson on Personalized Learning :

Personalized learning, to me, is the process of contouring learning to the individuals that you’re dealing with, recognizing that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, different interests [and] different ways of learning.” ” … personalized learning is finding the best ways to engage with people with different interests, passions and ways of thinking.” (I like to direct readers to how this teacher facilitate personalized learning : Great Reflections from a Physics Teacher)

BC Ministry of Education had created this video (as below) to support BC’s Education Plan — an innovative and bold plan to transform education so that every student can excel and thrive in a rapidly evolving world. The BC Ministry of Education have created an online interactive guide to personalized learning as part of their learning focus. A guide that looks particularly at what learning might look like from the learners perspective supported fully with technology. To learn more about BC’s Education Plan and get involved in the conversation, visit the website.

Another good input is from David Truss : Less is more. Teach less, learn more. Do not miss this video of Sahlberg’s presentation as he reflects on why Finland has created the highest-ranking system in the world. At the end of this presentation, Sahlberg notes the future goals that Finland has for education; the top one being “Better Individual Learning Path”. Here is the graph shared by Sahlberg, the philosophy behind Finnish way is basically different from global educational reform movement. (also refer to  : What Accounts for Finland’s High Student Achievement Rate?)

personalized learning

Also, to further elaborate the difference between differentiated learning and individualized learningStu Harris has made a comparison table as below. She works in a K-12 school division providing direct support to teachers under a framework called Technology Supported Learning.(Learn231 is a blog instance that was created to support her work being done in a class at the University of Manitoba called Emerging Technologies for Learning.)

differentiated learning, personalized learning

The Education Week Spotlight on Personalized Learning is a collection of articles hand-picked by editors for their insights on, thanks to Rachel Mcmullin for suggesting this resource. (please download the PDF book in the link)

  • Using new technologies and teaching approaches to improve learning in middle schools
  • Creating individualized education plans for every student
  • Conducting personalized assessment of students
  • Combining face-to-face instruction and online learning
  • Developing online credit-recovery courses to motivate underachieving students

Mark Twain had a famous saying : ” I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Personlized learning isn’t a new idea, but it seems school systems always perform poor in this demand. Hopefully digital learning could help facilitate this goal if we care to work it out.


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