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Resources about Universal Design

In Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning, we pointed to Universal Design for Learning as it is indeed a vital piece of digital learning in 21st century. While in the K12 space it is often referred to as Universal Design for Learning, it is more commonly known as Universal Design of Instruction, UDI; several sections of the educational sector have implemented UD principles; some of the links to more resources are as below.

Universal Design of Instruction (UDI) provides definition, principles, guidelines, and examples from the University of Washington, also there are links to more resources.

Universal Course Design is a project funded by the office of Postsecondary Education. UCD is a concept developed by the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire in partnership with the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. This website is a product of the Equity and Excellence in Higher Education project.

FacultyWare is the product of grant-funded projects at the University of Connecticut, Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability. Universal Design for Instruction (UDI), the foundation for grant activities, is an approach to college instruction that anticipates diversity of learners and provides a framework for college faculty to incorporate inclusive strategies in their teaching. The FacultyWare site was designed to provide you with a broad range of information and tools to enhance the design and delivery of instruction for diverse college students.

Guidelines for Universal Design of Presentations from Landmark’s All Things Web blog is a post regarding audience having difficulty seeing, hearing, moving, reading, speaking, and processing information. We can improve their experience through a universal design approach to planning an event, creating materials, and to delivery.

From the Center for Applied Special Technology(CAST) “Teaching Every Students” supports educators in learning about UDL, getting started with UDL and viewing model UDL lessons. The featured tools include :

Chart of Visualization Methods (click through into the webpage and mouse over each element to view) is an amazing table with all kinds of visualization methods for teaching in a periodic table. It’s created by, the e-learning course site focuses on a critical, but often neglected skill for business, communication, and engineering students, namely visual literacy, or the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations.

visualization, UDL, UDI

Books About UDL :

A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning, David H. Rose and Anne Meyer, eds. (Harvard Education Press)

The Universally Designed Classroom: Accessible Curriculum and Digital Techonologies, David H. Rose, Anne Meyer, and Chuck Hitchcock, eds. (Harvard Education Press)

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning, David H. Rose and Anne Meyer (ASCD)


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