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Raising A Child to Love Reading

Numerous studies have indicated that children who have positive experiences with books and are read to from an early age fare better in school later on. Parents often ask themselves when they should start reading to their child. Many believe that children first learn to enjoy reading in infancy, possibly even while they’re still in the womb. When you read your child his or her first books, draw their attention to the pictures and tell the story with excitement and enthusiasm. Be creative and flexible with the stories to personalize them and instill positive feelings associated with reading.

If you want your child to grow up to be a frequent reader, they should be reading at home as well at preschool or daycare. This is a critical part of a young reader’s development. The author of Dr. Spock’s Baby Basics, Robert Needlman, M.D., states that reading to children early on in life is the most essential factor in encouraging an avid reader. He goes on to state that “There is no prescription for this. The only prescription is to allow time every day to sit down, connect with your child and read together. The main thing is to let it occur in a way that is joyful and conveys enjoyment to your child. From enjoyment, the rest will follow.”

Choosing the appropriate books is also a critical component in making time spent reading with your child something special and something to look forward to. Ideal books have engaging and unambiguous pictures and uncomplicated, comprehensible language. It helps if the books you choose are also ones that you personally enjoy, because you’re likely to read them to your child in a lively and involved fashion. Children can listen to the same stories repeatedly without getting tired of them, so make sure that they’re ones you don’t mind telling again and again. Because children take great influence from watching their parents, they will be more likely to appreciate books if they see that you enjoy them, too.

Here are some simple pointers that can promote an atmosphere ideal for nurturing a lifelong love of reading:

*   Provide books covering various topics and genera, making sure that they’re geared toward your child’s age group.

*   Read to your child every day starting in infancy and cultivate their involvement in the stories.

*   Keep a stash of their favorite stories in the car or carry-along bag for trips that are long or involve a lot of waiting.

*   Request book recommendations from your child’s teacher that regard what they’re learning in school. Rent or purchase some of them for your home reading sessions.

*   Children are often very proud to read their favorite stories out loud and will typically imitate your reading style and behaviors while doing so. Occasionally, they may also create completely new stories to match the pictures in the book. This step in reading development is important because they are showing that they understand that books are a means to convey stories.

Children are tasked from birth with the objective of mastering language and the ability to comprehend and communicate with the world around them. Parents can support this development through song and speech. Reading with your children is an additional tool that can be used to teach children the ideas behind stories and the printed word, as well as how they work. Healthy progress in cognitive function requires active support, so begin teaching your child the joys of reading by taking them on a trip to the bookstore to look for things you can both benefit from!

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Author Bio. : Emily Patterson shared this article on behalf of Primrose Schools, educational day care with a foundation that is based on a dedicated and passionate group of early childhood professionals providing high quality education with a balance of learning, character development and play.

Image credit : By khrawlings, licensed under creative commons, Attribution Some rights reserved.


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