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Google Apps in the Classroom

The onset of Google Apps has significantly improved the world of cloud computing.  And now that Google Apps offers a platform specifically devoted to academic institutions, aptly called Google Apps for Education, the cloud has never looked so appealing to educators and students, alike.

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The Google Apps for Education platform offers the same advantages as any other Google Apps service, but for free.  Thus, with Google Apps for Education, schools gain access to the unmatched cloud computing services of Google Apps at a price that simply can never be beat.

Schools that make the switch to Google Apps will provide their teachers and students with services including, but not limited to, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites.  These tools not only provide users with the ability to easily connect with others in the domain, but also allow for enhanced collaboration capabilities.

With Gmail, students and teachers can communicate outside the classroom better than ever before.  Gmail’s threaded emails feature groups all emails with the same subject together, making it infinitely easier to follow long email conversations and eliminating inbox clutter.  Additionally, the chat feature allows users to instant message with one another all inside the Gmail system.

Using Google Calendars will make scheduling meetings easier than ever.  For example, teachers looking to make student-teacher or parent-teacher conference appointments can create a calendar and share it with students and parents, so that the students and parents can view the teacher’s availability and schedule their conferences given these time parameters.  Additionally, teachers can use Google Calendars to create a calendar for their classes where students can go to find information such as assignment due dates and times of special events, like field trips and guest speakers.

Google Docs can also revolutionize the way educators assign homework and projects. Through Google Docs, students can create word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets and hand them in to their teacher simply by using the “share” function.  In turn, teachers can grade assignments turned in through Google Docs by using the “comments” function.  Teachers can also track students’ progress by checking the “revision history.”  This tool is especially useful for group assignments, as teachers can track when and what each group member added to the finished product in order to ensure that everyone in the group is contributing equally.

Whether it’s for a class, a specific assignment, or a group project, Google Sites are sure to come in handy for both students and teachers.  Google Sites allows users to easily create websites or intranets on which they can add documents, schedules, and tasks, among others.  Teachers can use this function to outline the progress, discussions, or future assignments for a specific class, or to provide students with resources and deadlines for specific assignments.  Students can also use this function as a way to communicate with group members for projects and as a central location to store all documents related to the project.

All of these tools, along with countless others that are available with Google Apps, are sure to improve the productivity and collaboration of users.  The 99.9% uptime guarantee for Google Apps means that educators and students will never have to worry about losing work time or missing a due date because of a system failure.  Additionally, the universal access feature allows users to access their accounts and all the information they store on Google Apps from anywhere on any device, meaning they no longer need to work on a specific network of computers to access their documents.

Google Apps for Education provides infinite benefits to schools by putting email, calendars, documents, and other tools for learning all in one, central location that can be accessed from anywhere.


This blog post is brought to you by Cloud Sherpas. Cloud Sherpas is a Google Apps cloud service provider. As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller and Google Enterprise partner, we have migrated over one million users across all major industries from legacy, on-premise messaging systems to Google Apps, helping organizations adopt cloud computing to innovate and dramatically reduce their IT expenses.

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