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Free Resources for Math learning(K-8) :

If you are a parent who wants to help your child with math then is a web site for you. The math worksheets , the printable multiplication tables, the math charts, the multiplication games, and other resources are completely free and easy to use. Below is just a small sample of the type of resources you’ll find on this site:

  • math, helpingwithmath, OERWorksheets e.g. Fraction Worksheets
  • Multiplication Tables
  • Charts e.g. Decimal/ Fraction Equivalents
  • Number Lines
  • Drag and Drop Multiplication Games
  • The SWIFT Online Math Tutor
  • Lots More ….

All these resources are free and are formatted for easy printing and are categorized by type and by grade level. (K through 8th Grade)

The following introduction and tips are provided by the founder David Burns.

***** has been around since 2006. David Burns started the site and is responsible for its overall development. Tessie, an elementary teacher with over 25 years experience, is the main contributor of educational materials. Over the last year there have also been contributions from other qualified teachers. Terry, the multi-media technologist, developed all the flash games on the site. is primarily basic web pages developed using the Dreamweaver Web Editor. There is no Content Management System behind the scenes although that might change as the site gets larger and harder to manage. Most of the graphics are created in MS PowerPoint and then captured and added to the web pages.

As mentioned above, the games are created using Flash. As well as making the games as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, we have tried to make them as modular as possible which means that one game developed in Flash can yield numerous others since all the wording and questions are in a separate text file. All that’s needed to create a “new” game is to edit a text file. It’s really quite clever!

The site is written for parents although many teachers find it useful too. The resources are categorized by subject and by grade level. There is an effective search option at the top and bottom of each page so if a resource can’t be found via the menu it can often for found using search.

Parents should keep the following in mind when helping their children with math:

  • Work in conjunction with your child’s classroom teacher. Talk with the teacher as much as possible. Aim to complement and supplement what is being taught in the classroom.
  • When working with your children, if they get a wrong answer do not simply tell them that, or ask them to try again; instead ask them to explain their working and, if they don’t spot their error themselves, lead them to the correct answer.
  • Never suggest that some people are just not good at math. Saying things like “I was never very good with math” just supports the notion that people are born either with, or without an aptitude for math, and nothing can be done to change that.
  • And finally, always praise and encourage, especially for effort as much as for quickness or smartness.

We will be glad to introduce FREE teaching/learning resources or useful tips for teachers /parents /students here, you are welcome to submit your suggestions and introduction or teaching/learning tips through email or our submission form.


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