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Digital Storytelling – Students Teaching Students

What students can do in their learning process ? They can be storytellers ! You will be amazed by what these students have done.

Mr. Avery’s Student Math Movie wiki hosts introductory videos all created by students in 6th grade. The students picked a topic they felt they could teach to others so they ended up creating videos about multiplication, fractions, decimals, adding and subtracting fractions, long division, probability, geometry, and more topics. (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License.) You are welcome to share the videos with your class, or to add your videos in this site.

students teach students

In this year there is a new creation of Mr. Avery’s Classroom Wiki. In addition to Mr.Avery’s blog created in last year, which is to share their classwork, projects, and videos with the rest of the world. The wiki will serve a different purpose, which is to host videos created by both the teacher himself and students, that will be used as tutorials for different topics that we’re learning about in class. This will allow both the students and the parents to be able to watch videos at home that will help prepare each individual for different topics throughout the school year. (sixth grade math and science at Dennett Elementary, Plympton, Massachusetts.)

MathTrain, students teach students
Mathtrain.TV is a free, educational “kids teaching kids” website from Mr. Marcos & his Students. It is part of the Project and was created to host their student-created math video, audio, podcast lessons all in one place.  It is Web 2.0 friendly with its ability for users to generate “ratings” and “comments”.  The middle school students use a tablet pc and screen-capturing software, Camtasia Studio, to create the math tutorials.  The site is powered by PHPmotion, a free video-sharing software. The videos are offered free, “as is” under a CC-BY-NC license. The students also create free Apps in iTune store. They even added captions onto the videos and intended to make it available in different languages. For more information about how to caption your own videos, go here: (Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, CA)

Through this way, the ownership of learning has shifted from teachers to students ! The students are highly involved. And actually they can do more than we expect. The attached video below is a TED talk by Alan November about “students teaching students”.


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