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Blogging to Flatten Digital Classrooms

Blogging is a wonderful way to encourage our youth to write and read, furthermore, it builds the relationship between students and teachers and learning buddies around the world; these are great examples of blogging to connect teachers and students in digital classrooms, and you can find links to their student’s blogs and also more class blogs inside them. Don’t forget to leave your feedback messages and cheers for them ! Besides, Comments4Kids is a site for students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on.

global education
Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (Los Angeles, California, USA) ~Third graders learning and sharing together~
Mr. Salsich’s Class (Stonington, Connecticut, USA) Third Grade Explorations in Learning
Mr. Avery’s Class Blog (Massachusetts, USA) A place to grow
Mrs. Ranney’s Classroom Blog (California, USA) Sharing to learn and learning to share
Through Our Window … Room101 (Edison, NJ, USA)
Bell Bulldog Readers (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Miss Powers’ Frog Blog (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
Mr. Miller’s Classroom Blog (King City, California, USA)
Mrs. Delgado’s Class Blog (Michigan, USA)
Techie Kids (Michigan, USA)
Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
3DD Classroom Blog (3DD at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia) 
2KM and 2KJ Class Blog (from 2KM and 2KJ at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia)
Year5RC (Sydney, Australia)
Open the Door to B4 (New Zealand)
Planet 8 (New Zealand)
Miss T’s Class Blog (New Zealand)
Team Toa (Shanghai, China)
Look What’s Happening in Room 102! (1st grade in Canada) 
The Classroom Connection (New Brunswick, Canada)
Classroom 2 (British Columbia, Canada)
Building Blocks (Vancourver Island, Canada)
Mrs. Watson’s 2/3 Class (British Columbia, Canada)
Ferry Lane Primary (London, England)
Brookburn Primary (Manchester, England)
Burravoe Primary School (Scotland)
Ferry Lane Primary School (London, England
Friend Blog in Russia
Mrs. Beal’s Class Blog (South Africa)
Class 5 Blog (North East of England)

Reading blogs, collaboration of classes :

The Reading Round-Up (Connecticut/California, USA)
On the Same Page (Tennessee/Massachusetts, USA)
It’s welcome to grow this list and spread the words out!

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  1. Thanks for listing the wonderful blogs. I spent time looking through each one, and I will recommend quite a few of them to my students.

    Alicia Vilas


  1. 13 Suggestions on Student Blogging | Classroom Aid

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