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The Best Answers on “What is Digital Classroom ?”

What is a digital classroom ? Digital curriculum might be your first thought. What’s the whole picture ? We don’t need technology for the sake of technology. We need technology only if it helps teaching. So we like to share the best answers from the following quotes.

digital classroom, digital textbook

These are 10 points to consider when transforming towards digital curriculum from Michael Gorman, including :

  • necessary infrastructure and technology
  • a textbook as one entity, not the central piece, a wide variety of resources and content are all parts of virtual textbooks (digital curriculum)
  • student access at homes and the general community
  • professional development that allows teachers to learn, collaborate
  • collaboration between classrooms, communities, and cultures
  • Students must learn the online skills necessary to communicate, collaborate, and learn.
  • nonlinear learning, differentiated instruction, and pedagogy reform could be enabled
  • student-centered and student-in-charge learning

And, Michael Gorman wrote Part 2: The Digital Curriculum… Textbook To Flexbook… Free, Open Source, Engaging! to elaborate on open educational resources (OER) – CK-12 and its Flexbook. It’s definitely the big thing in digital curriculum. This kind of innovation is why technologies can do more with less !

Digital Curriculum Discussion is a conversation spurred by Michael Gorman’s posts.


It’s no doubt that the big goal of digital classrooms – personalized learning – is enabled through technologies, this article answers about what technologies CAN do and SHOULD do in personalized learning or differentiated teaching.

Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology is posted by Grace Rubenstein (EDUTOPIA), some of the key points are :

  • Deliver Instruction through Multiple Forms of Media
  • Gather and Use Immediate Feedback on Students’ Understanding
  • Give Students Options
  • Automate Basic-skills Practice
  • Pretest Students’ Knowledge Before Each Unit
“Teaching with Technology” is a wiki with a great listed profile of a digital classroom; besides the concepts it deliberates more on technology elements, for example, the first element is :
  • Use of projector with tablet: The digital teacher uses the projected tablet screen to display and write most notes and work in class. S/he has more instructional time because problems or lecture notes are already ready for class and don’t need to be written during class time. Furthermore, s/he has all the notes/problems that were written or worked during class, and these can be saved, emailed, or posted on line. The digital teacher can also pull up student screens on the main display to show to the class, or to have students work problems for the class.

The 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning and Digital Learning Now! report were released on December 1 at Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform 2010 in Washington DC. During the fall of 2010, the Digital Learning Council defined the elements and identified the actions that need to be taken by lawmakers and policymakers to foster a high quality, customized education for all students.  This includes technology-enhanced learning in traditional schools, on line and virtual learning, and blended learning that combines on line and onside learning. The Elements are grouped into three areas of focus; Students (#1-4), Providers (#5-8), and Government (#9-10). This resource gives a WHOLE picture of how to realize the digital classrooms from policy perspective.


21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020 from Teachpaperless blog is an interesting article. Some points might be controversial but the thoughts are very provoking !


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