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Why Teachers Should be Blogging or Glogging ?

We’ve talked about Teachers’ sharing enables doing more with less in education. We like to quote two excellent articles from two education leaders for this advocacy.

blogger, blog, blogging

The first one is from Justin Tarte blog : 10 reasons to get educators blogging…

First off, the 5 reasons that educators should start reading blogs :

  • Blogs are the heart of learning and sharing…
  • Blogs are real world and real time experiences…
  • Blogs will make you reflect on your educational practices…
  • Blogs give you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with educators from all around the world…
  • Blogs are free, accessible and extremely convenient…

Second, the 5 reasons educators should have their own blogs :

  • You wish to improve your educational practices through sharing and collaboration…
  • You want to help other educators by sharing your experiences…
  • You want to add to the educational discussions happening all around the world…
  • You want to take professional reflection to the next level…
  • You want to inspire others and lead by example…

His other articles talking about educators’ blogging are :

  • Is blogging really worth it ? He shared some great blogs from administrators sharing valuable and useful information. And he answered about why busy educators should be blogging instead of totally occupied by doing something “visible” to his schools.
  • I am an Educational Blogger… is a reflection on why he’s blogging. And he tried to compile a great list of best blog postswhich are most influential and important as it pertains to education, the list is from collaboration from his PLN.

Justin Tarte is a Junior High Assistant Principal, filled with sharing of his perspectives and real experience his blog will definitely inspire you ! As he said :

The ideas and pieces of knowledge being shared through blogs have enabled me to grow into a better and more well-rounded Educator, which in turn has helped me perform at a higher level when it comes to my “typical” duties.”

The second article is from Kathleen M. Perret : Educators are Writters. She shared her blogging journey and some useful resources of blogging.

As she wrote : “The world is waiting for your contribution. Each of you have a special calling and voice in the world of education. By sharing your thoughts and ideas, dreams and challenges we all become stronger educators.” Because “Being an effective educator means continuous learning”, and blogging is learning for both writters and readers, networked blogging keeps you current and relevant !

The nature of the web is such that sharing, publishing and republishing content are common and encouraged. Teaching is sharing itself, to share the knowledge and experience with the audience, and knowledge is what we don’t give away while we share with others. On the contrary, by utilizing the internet, sharing enables teaching, learning and collaboration ! It is the open sharing spirit that lets educators do more with less for teacher development and education. But don’t forget there are many ways to share, blogging is only one of the ways to share and publish. Glogster EDU is one of the alternatives to tell the stories in multimedia form.


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