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Educational Freeware and eduTecher

There are endless possibility in web-based tools or resources that can be used in teaching and learning. The internet connection has enabled global collaboration so that someone’s specialty and effort can benefit all others in need. But how can teachers find something just useful with ease and efficiency ? Like we had written about some websites or blogs which select good resources for teaching accompanied with ideas on how to use them in education. Here are some more sources for your reference.

EducationalFreeware – by Marianne Wartoft EdycationalFreeware

She has been writing educational shareware and freeware for over a decade. You can find her software (Seterra, Sebran etc) at her website She provides reviews of the best learning games, softwares and websites in EducationalFreeware. As she said, the line between downloadable  software and online resources is getting less and less sharp – both kinds of software often serve the same purpose. She includes both selection of web-based software (check the Online tab) and Windows educational software to download (under the Downloads tab). Not only the collection is amazing, the best is that because many of the software titles are supporting multilingual and you can list the resources by language to find freewares in the language you need. You can follow her on twitter @EduFreeware.

eduTecher – by Adam Bellow (twitter @adambellow)eduTecher

Explore, share and contribute are the spirits behind this free website built by Adam Bellow. He is currently the Director of Educational Technology for the College Board Schools and also an active keynote speaker on many important conferences. Instead of hand-picking on his own, he built a free teacher community to leverage “crowd-sourcing” and the result is thousands of links with concise information here.

Each website link has a description and tags and allows users to rate it, feedback and ask questions. After registration you can manage your profile, blog, your favorite resources in your “backpack”; of course you can contribute your links that you recommend as well as sharing with social network. The capability to search links by subjects and grade level enables teachers to find something just in time effectively. According to the blog, the iPhone app had been installed by more than 8000 users and there will be apps for more mobile devices.

Both of these two websites could be useful toolboxes for you. Would you like to share your toolbox with us ?


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