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What e-Teachers are following – Kelly Tenkely and Michael Gorman

This is a continued post about great blogs or websites e-teachers could follow. Why we choose to recommend the persons who enable sharing knowledge instead of only listing websites with overwhelming information is because the spirits, thoughts and leadership style that they bring to us is important so that we know the perspectives we are following with.

iLearn Technology – by Kelly Tenkely iLearn Technology

She had been as a technology integration specialist offering mentoring, training, and professional development for 5 years. In her blog she tries to give teachers resources with ideas so that they could find easy-to-implement practices for using technology in their own classrooms. You could find in her site full of organized online resources and lesson ideas; an example like using Angry Birds to teach math, history and science is an interesting one. You can search the contents by grade levels, Bloom’s Taxonomy, resources type and subjects. She has more blogs like iPad CurriculumConfident TeacherDreams of EducationStories of Learning, with different focuses but she always writes with enthusiasm.

Edubloggers Alliance is a group blog for alliance members to use to cross-post articles from their own blogs, which was called by Kelly at the beginning of 2010. Getting connected with other educators with the same interest on learning and sharing educational technologies is the best way to grow continuously !

21stcenturyedtech blog – by Michael Gorman21st century edtech

He has partnered with ISTE and various educational, governmental, and business organizations and foundations and take leadership in many edtech projects. He is a current PD chair for SIGOL (ISTE) and the communication chair for ICE in Indiana. Mike maintains his blog along with his own 21centuryedtech Wiki which curated selected resources and tools.

His articles always give thorough survey, review, selection of resources and comments in depth on those specific topics. His recommended list on mega education sitesproject based learningweb2.0 applications and free software that every school should have can be your reference of top picks from overflowing choices in this age. On the specific topics he is interested in, he continues to deliver series articles in depth, these are some great topics :

  1. Games in education
  2. Google advanced search
  3. Considering digital curriculum
  4. iPad in education
  5. STEM education
  6. MIT Scratch program
  7. Glogster EDU

As revealed in his blog’s name, he’s really emphasizing on what’s needed in 21st century teaching and learning with his expertise.


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"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).
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