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What e-Teachers are following – Educational Origami and more

21st century teachers have web2.0 ways to learn and share by leveraging online networking and open sharing, the opportunities are limitless. Teacher development doesn’t have to be costly in time and money spending. The websites recommended here are to follow the first post of what e-teachers are following to get free resources for teaching, and more focused on teaching with technology. Also remember to check out what they are following, it’s absolutely a good reference.


edtech, educational origami

Educational Origami is a wiki by Andrew Churches, a teacher, author, keynote and workshop presenter located at Albany Auckland, he is also blogging here. Why I put this wiki at the top is because the thorough organization of concepts, schemes, pedagogy and related digital resources/tools according to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Pedagogy first, technology second ! Technologies should be the facilitators to enable the education goals, not the super stars in classrooms. With the whole picture in mind, educators could weigh what really matters and what should be integrated in their teaching practice. Among so many resources and tools available, teachers need a correct priority and a map so not to get lost in the journey. The real ownership of knowledge is the destiny of teaching with technology.

Educational Technology Guy – by David Andradeeductional technology, edtech

He’s a Physics teacher and educational technology specialist in Southwestern, CT. He also teach professional development sessions and present at conferences. Before teaching, he was an Aerospace Engineer for 10 years, a techie scientist. He discusses 21st Century skills and education and explores free educational technology resources, teaching with technology, professional development, project based learning, and tips and resources for new teachers. His sharing is a good model for teachers, also check out his class website that puts all things together for teachers, students and parents. Maybe starting from this post : Technology I use everyday as an educator is a good idea.

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness – by Michael Zimmer, he had taught social studies for 6 years, and now he works as an technology integration specialist. He also works with the core subject teachers to integrate technology equipment as well as Web 2.0 software into their classrooms, that is, teaching with technology. He has a weekly post with resource for across the core subjects. his blog mostly focuses on secondary education resources, with an occasional elementary or middle school resources. His blog is very well organized where you can easily find resources in English, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, elective subjects and web2.0 toolsHe has ebooks(one as below embedded) introducing selected web2.0 tools for teachers with implementation tips and experience sharing.


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"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).
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