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Great Sources of Free Technology for Teachers

Now e-teachers are following many bloggers or wikis to catch free resources for teaching and online education toolswhich help them on integrating technology into the classroom and thus enhancing education outcome.

Here are some great blogs to follow or bookmark so that you will keep yourself posted about information of resources for teaching. The listing sequence does’t mean priority or preference, and there surely are much more good sources missed in this article which is only the beginning of this series.

Actually different blogs have their own styles, perspectives and focuses, and you could follow someone you trust and agree. This post is about blogs more focued on using technology and integrating technology into the classroom. We will have more blogging about bloggers with different focus.

Free Technology for teachers

Free Technology for Teachers – It’s by Richard Byrne, a teacher of US History and Contemporary World Studies, a google certified teacher and the winner of many educator awards. He had conducted countless technology integration workshops for teachers. He is also an diligent blogger who is blogging short articles everyday on free resources for teaching as well as online education tools. You also can find organized free downloads on useful topics like super book of web tools, twelve essentials for technology integration, video creation, creating blogs and websites, google for teachersand more. With more than 12000 (and growing) fans on facebook, he is no doubt a very techie and productive teacher.


Instructify – It is brought to you by LEARN NC, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education. LEARN NC finds the innovative resources for teaching in K-12 education and makes them available to the teachers and students of North Carolina and the world. Those rich resources are categoried into tags from A to Z, from making animation, classroom management, rubrics tools,  technology integration practices, to test prep, problem solving games, and much more ! To Instructify means to find new ways to present the same old content. Or MacGyvering anything from software to Post-it notes into something you can teach with.

CoolToolforSchools – the winner of MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources – MERLOT Classics 2011. It’s an wiki which could be bookmarked as your own toolbox of online education tools; author Lenva organized the tool collection into several categories, including presentation tools, collaborative tools, video tools, audio tools, image tools, drawing tools, writing tools, music tools, converting tools, quiz and poll tools, graphing tools, creative tools, widgets and more. Each tool has basic introduction and related demo. if any.


You are welcome to share what you are following online to enrich your teaching or improve your productivity.


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