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A New Teacher’s Sharing – Busem Doğan

We knew a lot of teachers have been sharing online for a long time, while more are not. To start blogging can be as easy as what Busem Doğan shared in her new blog : My 1st post officially 🙂, it’s not a “know-how” from a techie teacher but rather is an experience sharing from a 21st century teacher with others with common interest around the world.

While it’ s still inspiring to read her reflection and thought on her teaching job, and also the organized information about what tools and educational resources she really used, what she selected to read. This might be a better reference than tons of resources delivered by some “professional bloggers” daily with purpose to cover every bit of information. Most teachers don’t have time to digest, try out and filter all those resources and tools, even they are free. That’s why personal sharing from real experience and real thought could be more useful and contagious to another teacher with similar interest. There is no commercial purpose behind this kind of sharing thus no bias, although there are ad. links from the blog platform, surely you have options to ignore them.

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From Busem Doğan’s blogging, she is in her first year of teaching as an EFL/TEFL teacher, and is also a very new blogger. She also tweets as @BsmDgn and shars on delicious. and The paragraphs below are what I like the most from her articles…

……But, if you are a teacher and do not like your job, it could make big differences and  cause irreparable results in your students’ lives. It is about being enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated teacher. Discovering  and meeting  your ss’ needs. After seeing them how eager they become to learn and to rely on you, you will understand how great job it is ……


The best thing of being a teacher is to constantly learn, and the perspectives from a new teacher could be as meaningful as those from an very experienced teacher. We are all in the middle of learning.


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